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ALLB Accounting Services is an Online Bookkeeping and Virtual Assistance company based in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines. The company focuses on clients around the globe, handling their accounting books online according to generally accepted accounting principles and taxation of each country and assisting on their other office administration.

Because the owner is a person with disability (PWD), ALLBAS advocacy is to help people who are deprived from opportunities because of their conditions or circumstances. Free trainings are conducted to equip them to look for Bookkeeping & Virtual Assistant related jobs online.

Our entire team is composed of PWDs and PADs(persons affected by disability). They are very blessed for the job specially during the pandemic.

ALLBAS mission is to honor God and be a blessing to our clients and others.

Who we are

Financial Analysis

It is wise to conduct periodic review and analysis of your company’s financial performance. These reviews are typically called audits, and are an important part of regulatory compliance and shareholder disclosure. Additionally, financial analysis can provide valuable insight into your company’s financial health which can help you make sound decisions for the future.

What we do

Supporting your accounting needs

ALLB Accounting Services operates as an extension of your internal staff. We perform a variety of financial and accounting services, and offer you the maximum flexibility by allowing you to rely on us for any of the services that we offer as needed. The following sections provide details regarding each of the services that you’ll have at your disposal should you choose ALLB Accounting Services as your accounting services provider.


Our History

Company Established

ALLB Accounting Services was establish on the 1st of February 2019 but was registered in 5th of July 2019.

It was God appointed time because He knows we need a source of income during the pandemic and companies will need outsourcing staff. Glory be only to God.



full blast operation

Due to the pandemic, outsourcing was in demand and we can only take so much. We focus on the quality of our work, accuracy and timeliness of our deliverables.

Cloud Accounting Established

Our diverse accounting experiences have provided us with an extensive understanding of various accounting and non-accounting programs and software such as, SAP, ERP Lite System, Pastel Partner & Pastel Evolution, MYOB, Peach Tree, Xero (Xero Certified Advisor), Quickbooks, Advance knowledge in Microsoft Excel – Programming, All MS Office function and various Google Applications and functions.

Since 2001

What we value

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur & Business Owner,

Welcome to a whole new world that you’ve probably never even thought of before.

Working with an online Bookkeeper/VA has been a total game changer for us and allowed us to take our business to the next level. It just allows you to free more time to work on the client relationships, marketing and prospecting side of things.

We started with one Bookkeeper/VA for an outsourcing company and after gaining experiences now started to establish our own freelancing and outsourcing company too. Currently, we have clients in United States of America and Australia. Our Bookkeepers manage all the bills, invoices, bank reconciliation, general ledger reconciliation and analyzing the reports. Our VA’s even book our hotel, flights and even order flowers for our partners!

We do truly believe that if you’re a business owner and want to scale and grow, there is no better way than to use a Bookkeeper/VA to help with those accounting, admin and routine tasks that then will also give you the breathing room to focus on more productive things and just take a step back and work ON the business instead of IN the business all the time.

So our guarantee you ask. So we are happy to offer a NO FEE Replacement Guarantee where as it states, we won’t charge you any extra or additional fees if for whatever reason, the Bookkeeper/VA which you hire is not a good fit or doesn’t work out. From different communication styles to having good chemistry with your Bookkeeper/VA, if for whatever reason it’s not the right fit, we will happily go back to the drawing board and find you the perfect VA for your business.

Moreover, to top it off, we also have no lock in contractual period or anything like that.

Lastly, we would then also allocate you your very own Team Leader who will act as a Support / Coach to the Bookkeeper/VA you select and can also help you trouble shoot with any questions about the VA and their roles, etc. They would also be there if there is any performance feedback that you’d like to pass on to your Bookkeeper/VA regarding their work or anything along those lines.

We’d personally love to work with you and we know how much benefits the Bookkeeper/VA can bring to your business. As mentioned, they can pretty much do all the back end accounting & administrative tasks you require plus more. We are working with clients wide in so many various and different industries that we’re sure we can find a Bookkeeper/VA that would help you in whatever your enterprise is. Specially in this pandemic times.

We really do hope we get the opportunity to work with you as I think we can really help your business to grow and scale up and it will be a pleasure getting to know you more.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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